Pool Season 2022 Update

Charbray Water Feature Video

WFR Residents,

It’s that time of year again and we are happy to open the pools starting tomorrow, May 1st. The pools will be open from 5/1 until 10/3 this year so we hope you all enjoy the extended dates as we all deserve some fun in the sun after the past year we have all had.

Our gate monitor presence with Barefoot will be smaller than last year as we come out of COVID restrictions. With that, we ask that all residents who use the pool to help keep the areas clean and ensure that we are all cleared out by closing time. We are all adults and the board has listened to the residents and agreed to not have the monitors there as often this year so lets work together to make sure everything runs smooth!

This year we will also be allowing parties to be held in the pavilion areas if you choose to celebrate a child’s birthday. We will be starting this in June as we still have some details to work out in order to make this happen. Details for how to book a slot and rules will be provided by the board in the next couple weeks.

There are a couple notes that we would like to make in regards to the pool areas to help answer some of the questions we might get. First, at the big pool there is a pump that is making louder than normal sounds. This pump is still functioning but it does need some new parts that we have on order and should arrive soon. Unfortunately, a lot of the manufactures are on back order due to the storm in February so I’m sure most of you can understand that. Second, there are some trees that have been removed and landscaping areas inside the pool areas that are not finished. Landcare will be taking care of those areas soon. Last item is the slide at the big pool that has been removed due to damage. We tried to find a replacement but the cost was way too high to justify purchasing so for now, it has been removed.

Below is what the hours will be for the pool this year.

Monday – Thursday (Closed starting the 15th of August) (Open Labor Day)

10am – 9pm

Friday – Sunday

10am – 10pm

We are looking forward to seeing everyone out at the pools this weekend! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the board directly at board@wfrhoa.com or contact CMA. This is the quickest way to get an answer straight from us.

Thank you,

WFR Board of Directors