Pool Reservation Rules

WFR Residents

The Pool committee would like to welcome our residents to hold parties at our pool/pavilion areas this year. Please see below for list of rules and how to book your party. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to the board directly and we will get you a timely response.

Pool Rules for 2021 Season

  • Booking can begin immediately
  • Schedule online here: https://wfrhoa.com/pool-reservations/
  • Reservations can be booked between 10-6 any day of the week.
  • 2 hour max
  • 15 person max (nonresident)
  • 30 total person max
  • All documented pool rules apply to everyone attending a party
  • There may be tables marked as reserved in the areas that parties can use during the specified hours
  • Clean up after yourselves
  • There could be a party scheduled after you so please be courteous to the other residents and make sure the area is clean by the end of your 2 hours
  • Utilize the North pavilion area by the grill at the Charbray Pool
  • Use areas under the wooden pergola on the north End at the Minhota pool. Area will be Marked.
  • The pavilion area at this pool is right by the entrance and we don’t want to crowd the area for the rest of the residents using the pool


  • Please Print the reservation request to present to barefoot, or have access on your phone.
  • Assume the area is always reserved for the posted times mentioned above. You can check your self by going to the website and attempt to make a reservation. If its available you can reserve same day / Same hour.
  • This will be on an honor system so please be courteous to your fellow residents and follow the guidelines that we have set.
  • When scheduling you will notice its a 3 hour window. This to ensure we don’t have reservations back to back. Please make sure you are planning to use the first two hours of your reservation.


The West Fork Ranch Board & Pool Committee