The committee shall exist for the purpose of advising and assisting the Board of Directors in maintenance of the community properties and common areas.  It is also responsible for monitoring the properties of homeowners to help ensure that all community landscapes are well maintained and the community lawns and gardens comply with the landscaping rules and in the governing documents. This committee works to identify the ideas and goals of the community regarding its properties and common areas, discusses and approves suggested projects, and oversees the work done to ensure successfully completion of approved projects. Such projects may include, but would not be limited to, the following:

  • A “Yard of the Month” program.
  • Annual color selection for common areas.
  • A section in the community Newsletter entitled “Lawn &
    Landscape Maintenance Tips.”
  • Beautification Recommendations
  • Assist in vetting vendors proposal

The committee shall consist of at least (3) three and not more than (7) seven members. The volunteer members of the committee shall select a Chairperson and a Secretary from within its membership. The Chairperson shall preside at all committee meetings, and the Secretary will be responsible for taking minutes at all meetings. The Chairperson shall then be responsible for transmitting any and all recommendations to the Board of Directors and Association Manager. All recommended projects must receive approval from the Board of Directors prior to beginning work on such projects.

Each committee member shall be a resident owner of West Fork Ranch Homeowners’ Association and a member in good standing of West Fork Ranch Homeowners’ Association.

The committee shall meet at least once per quarter. Meeting dates and times shall be coordinated through committee members. The committee Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting for submission to the Association Manager within two weeks of the meeting. This committee will appear on the Board of Directors meeting agenda under Committee Reports.