Architectural Control

The committee shall exist for the purpose of advising and assisting the Board of Directors with respect for approvals, denials or variances made on behalf of the membership for all homeowner exterior improvements.  This committees primary goal is to maintain the property values of the community. 
Those looking to become members of the committee will need to become familiar with the governing documents regarding individual homeowner properties, adhere to the  process for the committee to discuss and approve suggested projects, and oversee the work done to ensure successfully completion of approved projects. Such projects may include, but would not be limited to:

  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Improvements
  • Remodel/Repair of exterior
  • Contribute to the community communications media, the
    Architectural Report.

The committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) resident members. The volunteer members of the committee shall select a Chairperson and a Secretary from within its membership.

Each committee member shall be a resident owner of West Fork Ranch Homeowner’s Association and a member in good standing of West Fork Ranch Homeowner’s Association.

En lieu of face-to-face committee meetings, the Committee will regularly review submissions as captured online. The Chairman will have the responsibility of recording the committee’s approval or denial in the on-line system. The on-line system will ensure that all comments, approvals and denials are connected to the address for future reference. This committee will appear on the Board of Directors meeting agenda under Executive Session.