2021 Board of Directors Election

Here are your West Fork Ranch Board of Directors candidates!

To view their resumes, please sign into CMA’s website or App (Android or Apple) and select “documents”.

  • Elijah Aduh
  • Lynn Cryer
  • Adam Greenfield
  • Alexander Moya
  • Devi P Pandey (DeePak)
  • James Richardson
  • Kristen Sheetz

Voting Closes 12pm on February 17, 2021

Check your email for your personalized voting code.

Board of Directors Candidate Q & A

  • The virtual meeting of the candidates for the West Fork Ranch Board of Directors 2021 Election was held on Feb. 3rd at 7pm, via Zoom.
  • The purpose of the Q & A was to learn the candidates’ understanding of our HOA and the position for which they are running, and what they can contribute to our community.
  • Five of the seven candidates were in attendance. Prior to being questioned, each attending candidate was given three minutes to speak freely and give an introduction. Note: The introductions of each candidate are not included in the recording due to a recording error. Please be sure to read each candidate’s resume on the CMA website or the packet that was mailed to homeowners.
  • Residents submitted questions prior to the meeting and via Zoom chat during the meeting. The Board of Directors and community manager reviewed submitted questions to make sure they met the following requirements:
  • Each question must be applicable to all candidates and cannot be directed towards one individual.
  • Each question did not violate the candidates right to privacy or ask for information that is not pertinent to the election
  • Due to time constraints, three questions were formed by combining some of the submissions. Each of these were sent to the candidates before the meeting. Several questions from live submissions were asked during the meeting. Candidates were selected to answer in random and alphabetical order for various questions.